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Chiplun, a Taluka place in Ratnagiri district, has always been known as a socially alert and active place for more than a hundred years. The people of Chiplun have even contributed actively to the Indian independence struggle and supported national freedom fighters, in the past. Being a central market place for a large number of small villages, it has been a leader in business, politics and socio-cultural activities.

It is a place blessed with natural beauty with its Sahyadri mountain range, green forests, river Vashishthi, and the Gowalkot creek. However, the changing global scenario and the eventual rapid industrialization resulted in polluting the otherwise serene natural landscape. The fast vanishing green mountain tops, along with its plants and wildlife made it imperative for the people of Chiplun to take urgent steps to preserve and conserve what was left. In addition, the recession in the recent past made out-migration another major problem.

There was a drive for creating awareness about these problems. Some Nature lovers, like Late Shri Jatindra Khatu, Mr. Bhau Katdare of Nisarga Mitra, Mr. nilesh Bapat of Aarohi, Mr. Ram Redij of Sahyadri Bachao (Save the Sahyadri) Mr. Yogesh Bhagwat (sahyadri vikas samiti) and many others, started working towards the common goal of conservation through activities like bird watching, hiking-trekking in Sahyadri, crocodile safari, nature trails and camps etc. All these nature –lovers came together to join forces and formed the ‘Global Chiplun Tourism Multi-purpose Co-op Society’ with an additional goal of promoting tourism.